Fearless fotosessions with Gili Chen,

"Adira"  means in Hebrew : mighty, great, powerful, noble, splendid & glorious

i'd like to invite you to be fearless and bring out the special Adira you are.
in each woman she exists and sometimes it just takes the right space, the right gaze and encouragement to let her out and be presence. i know it could look a bit scary, and as humans we grew a thick shield to protect ourselves from looking afraid or to show our vulnerability, B U T in fact this is the Adira magic: Here you can bring whoever you are at that moment , relax and be delicately guided into your deep whole self.

what do you have to do?
jump into the water and decide this time to be fearless

•    Headshots for your website.
•    Acting Portfolio.
•    Photos for Dating profile.
•    Dancers, choreographers, performers.
•    Boudoir Photography.
•    Pregnancy/young mother session.

  • My story :

Like film stills taken from scenes in a movie with you as the leading actress, its all about you!  creating visuals with your atmosphere, style, colors and the collection of accessories you love.

About me

I specialize in truthful photography for women.

After years of a career as a fashion photographer. My works, Personal Portraits and Editorials published in numerous acclaimed magazines such as New York Times, Madame Figaro and more.

I am based in Israel 

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